Fashion is what you drink…

Hey sweeties,

How are you feeling? I’m pretty much OK, except that I’m lacking some Vitamine D due to having “no freaking sun” for months now!! arrrrrggghhhhhhh :-( Oh well, I’m trying to compensate by eating more healthy and not getting to much junk in my body. (that gives me a happy feeling –> well, not always :-D)

Have you noticed that being healthy is very “fashionista-like”?

Going to healthy places to meet up, having meetings, or just being seen, is IN.
Although… being on the street with a Starbucks coffee is still a big hit ;-)

But stars are now more and more seen with a healthy drink in their hands. Rihanna, Madonna, Sienna Miller, Jessica Simpson, … are all IN for Vita Coco!!!

Proof in image…

rihanna with vita cocoJessica Simpson drinking Vita CocoSiena Miller drinking Vita CocoMadonna films in Harlem

Are you IN or not??

Much love,


Beyoncé or Fergie?

Guys, I have a crucial question!!!

How many bags are too many bags??

Is it weird to have a seperate section in my wardrobe for bags? Is it too much? Am I a weirdo?? ;-)

Actually, I don’t think so! Every woman love bags, whether you’re into fashion or not. You need to put your things somewhere, don’t you? Some people are able to put their things in one bag. My excuse is that I have too many things, so I need a lot of bags… (this is the lamest and most ‘not logical’ excuse ever LOL) Oh well, …

I know 2 women that will agree with me! Ask Beyoncé or Fergie. I know that they will tell you the same thing ;-p

Both Beyoncé & Fergie or rocking a Swarovski clutch! I love the way their styles or so different.

- Beyoncé goes for sober & clean.
– Fergie goes for fun & coloful.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals Nickelodeon's 26th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Red Carpet

 Who styled the Swarovski clutch the most?

Much Love,


Rita Ora & Calvin Klein hitting it off??

Hey you guys,

I hope you’re doing great!!

A lot amongst us identify ourselves with people we admire or people whom are admired by others. It can define our fashion style and the things we love. I do the same thing! I love checking out other people’s outfits and get inspired!

A small detail can uplift your outfit!!

Don’t you agree?
Just look at Rita Ora giving her “boyish” outfit the femine touch it needs by wearing Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry.

Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Party At Baselworld 2013

On the picture below she puts her “pop outfit” to the test by mixing it up with more classic bling, again from Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry.

Rita Ora in Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry3-ora,rita-02_ph_bindl,dominik-getty-images

What is the lesson of the day??

Well, boys & girls ;-p , don’t be scared to wear more classic jewelry to pimp up your outfit!!

Much Love,


Put a SOCK on it!

Hey you guys,

I think you’ve noticed I’m an accessory freak :-) Guilty as charged!!!

One of the items that you MUST buy if you’re tired to always dress the same way, is SOCKS!!
Pumps, sandals, boots, I don’t care but you gots to “put a sock on it” ;-p

Proof in image! Go nuts :D


Happy Socks Essentiel LookbookFemme-1978 Essentiel LookbookFemme-2091

EssentielHappy Socks_LE01-012_w_8_Happy Socks_BD01-062_w_8_ESS_SS13_WOMAN_ACCESSORIES_suede wedges end c6~front~PROCESSED





New York Style

Hey Guys,

What’s up?! I’m doin good right now! I gots me a new job, eating more healthy and just doin my thang! But today I’m freezing. The winter cold is catching up again and the snow is turning the streets into white canvases!

I love the sight, I hate the cold! ;-)

As today I’m feeling that New York vibe, I wanted to dress that way too…

Much Love,


Jessie Van Osselt style

Jessie Van Osselt New York Style

Jessie Van Osselt New York Style

I know, my Nike’s are filthy but they have lived so many things!! I love it when you see that sneakers have lived with you!!!


NY style 1

Faux Fur Coat: Michael by Michael Kors
Sweater: Nike
Legging: New Look
Beenie: New Yorker
Scarf: Zara
Bag: Longchamp




Denim, Patches = Fashion?!?!

Hey sweeties,

I hope you are all having a great week, but that the weekend will be even better!

I think you know by now, that I have a crush on 90’s fashion (I hear a lot of you say, NOOOOOOO). Yes, yes me and 90’s fashion, music and television series go along. We really like eachother ;-p

As you would have guessed I’m going back to the 90’s today! But with denim & patches. We all had the awful experience of her mum patching up our pair of jeans (in the most horrible places –> patches on the knees OK, but they were wherever on our pants LOL).

You know what?! Patches are doing a comeback. You heard me :-D

Yes those…..


Look at the pictures and tell me what you think of it?

Much Love,


justin-bieber-levis-e1353326411999 (1)Swizz Beatz and Chris Brown Performance for Reebok Classics at Project, Las Vegasthumb$(KGrHqV,!jcE9KeHkWd6BPej-fM0P!~~60_1